Berlin Food Directory

The Berlin Food Directory is a growing list of the resources in Berlin orientated towards embodying and promoting a handmade, local and sustainable culture. Including local products, blogs, restaurants, urban farms, events, markets and food associations.

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Urban Farms & Community Gardens

InFarm – Based in the heart of Berlin, InFarm is a farming incubator and aims to provide urban communities access to fresh produce.

ECF Containerfarm consist of a shipping container with attached greenhouse. The container houses the aquaculture, the greenhouse contains the hydroponics. Also larger farm in the heart of Berlin. Commercial aquaculture and hydroponics with maximum yield.

Prinzessinnengärten – Community farm/garden on Moritzplatz. Prinzessinnengärten is a new urban place of learning. It is where locals can come together to experiment and discover more about organic food production, biodiversity and climate protection.

Allmende-Kontor A network for urban community gardens in Berlin. On Tempelhofer Feld, they have their community garden in which was started in 2011, and welcomes new gardeners each year.

Gleisbeet – An urban permaculture community garden in Friederichshain

Himmelbeet – intercultural community garden in Berlin Wedding

Rosa Rose Garten – Community garden in Friedrichshain, meet every Wednesday evening for common gardening.

Kiezgarten Fischerstraße – Community garden in Lichtenberg, with orchards, bees, woodworking – working with children and schools.

Kids Garden Berlin – Eco-friendly community garden in Kreuzberg, developed for local resident children and their parents as an important place of exchange and sharing.

Berlin Farm Lab – A gardening project located in Berlin-Marzahn aimed at developing systems for local production of contemporary living needs (food, energy, shelter, water).

Chido’s Mushrooms – Commercial venture, picking up coffee grounds from cafés and using this organic waste for the production of healthy gourmet mushrooms.

Roof Water Farm – Demonstrates paths towards  innovative city water management and urban food production.

Top Farmers – Farm/food lab, experimenting with Aquaponics and greenhous farming amongst other investigations.

Shops & Delis

Food Hero is a new deli in Kreuzberg specialising in locally-made products. You can also become a food hero yourself!

Restaurants & Supperclubs

Thyme Supperclub is an secret supperclub in Berlin, Germany, founded by a young European couple with a longtime passion for food, wine, cooking and entertaining.

Cafe Botanico is an Italian cafe/restaurant in Neukölln, which uses food from their permaculture garden as well a specialties from Italy.

Nobelhart & Schmutzig This restaurant exclusively serves locally-sourced products and voluntarily avoids any use of things not grown here. They call this being “vocally local”

Mulax is a Slow-food dinner & event location where the “Radical Regional” meals are held – they close end of March 2015 so get in while you can!

Ernst Kitchen of Dylan Watson, serving local produce


Jonathan Hamnett – foraging expert, runs weekend workshops in Berlin and Brandenburg

Local products

Maisoap is a small scale, family-run soap producer in the heart of Kreuzberg.

Organisations & Events

Slow Food Berlin is part of an international movement for good and sustainable food culture.

Contemporary Food Lab  – A platform for all people who are curious about new and innovative approaches to food and nutrition.

The Science Kitchen a Berlin based Food Lab where science meets haute cuisine. They are vegan-friendly and prefer local, high-quality products.

Food Entrepreuneur’s Club – The FEC is a network for young food entrepreneurs to share knowledge and experience about how to run a small food business successfully

Berlin Food Week – Yearly festival centered around food

Street Food Thursday – Street Food Thursday is an enormous feast of eclectic food from around the globe brought to you weekly by Markthalle Neun, Kavita Meelu & Big Stuff

Bite Club – Award-winning street food party on the Spree. Booze, food trucks, BBQ, live music & DJs.

Project spaces & local collaboration

Agora is a project space in Berlin that hosts people and projects based on a philosophy that reflects the values of its community: diversity, self-organisation and social ties. Agora FOOD brings together initiatives that share the mission of expanding how society approaches food nowadays.

Das Baumhaus is a space for people to meet, share ideas, find resources and create an urban culture which is both environmentally and socially sustainable.

Entretempo Kitchen Gallery is an interdisciplinary art space aiming to research and explore food in a cultural and social context.

Impact Hub Berlin is a center for social and sustainable entrepreneurs that embraces a collaborative/innovative way of working.

Leila is a “borrowing shop” in Prenzlauerberg – drop off something of your own to become a member, and you can borrow anything in their object library from drills to board games for temporary use.

Trial & Error Berlin based, non profit organization, working with crafts, D.I.Y. culture, sustainability, arts and media. Offering workshops and working with schools.

Zwei Meilen Laden was a pop-up store set up in December 2014 in Berlin selling local products.

 Food Baskets/Co-ops

Wilde Gärtenerei – A local co-op farm selling at Food Assemble, Markthalle IX, with the option of becoming a member and receive food baskets in exchange for work on the farm.

Food Assembly – Create an account and order local farmer food online. Pick up your basket at a given market place where you can meet a community of locals farmers.

Brodowin – Bio Farm in Brandenburg offering their products online, delivered to your doorstep.

Dickes Bee Food Co-op -informal community food project in Berlin. Providing good food at low prices that encourage to explore and cook with basic ingredients.

FC Schinke09 – Food co-op in xberg. “An environmental, anti-capitalist, self-organized and chaotic gathering of mostly young people.” – lots of info online.


Stadt Bienen promotes independent beekeeping in the city to fight one of the pressing environmental problems of our time: the death of bees.

Imker is an Organic-certified beekeeper in Neukolln. He also has swarms available for other beekepers.

Breweries & Fermentation 

Vagabund Brauerei Small Community-brewery making craft beer in Wedding. Also have a bar where you can taste their beers. You can become a member and help with the brewing.

Heiden Peters Small local brewery selling craft beer in Markthalle IX.

Edible Alchemy offers resources and workshops into reviving the lost art of fermented drinks (kombucha, kefir) and fermented foods.


Markthalle IX – Market Hall in Kreuzberg, weekly markets & food events

Arminius Markthalle – Market Hall in Moabit. concerts, theatre stage, Wine-tasting evenings.

Online Communities/Maps

Green In Berlin is an online platform showing eco-friendly alternatives for all areas of life, connecting people with innovative ideas environmentally conscious consumption and promotes local, environmentally friendly projects including job postings and events.

Stadt Acker An interactive internet platform that collects the experiences, activities and projects of urban farming theory and practice as a resource to organise your own projects as well as announce events, and share knowledge with others. The platform is used for information, networking and mutual support.

Gartenkarte Online map of Berlin’s Urban gardens. The Berliner Gartenkarte is a collective mapping initiative, formed by local students and researchers in collaboration with the urban agriculture community, that intends to visualize the gardens’ spatial distribution.

Food Sharing is a project aimed at reducing food waste. Entirely run by volunteers, they provide free food in fridges dotted around German cities as well as free food baskets, all visible on their map.

Mundraub – location of plants you can forage!

Food Blogs & bloggers

Berlin Tidbits – Foodblog, news, recipes, and organiser of Berlin Food Xchange

Foodie in Berlin (now in Barcelona) – but she has some great links and resources on the site.

Berlin Plants – a blog about local plants, their fascinating histories and myriad uses

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