Berlin Food Week. Figuring out the next mission.

What a great weekend. I participated in a Food-Swap organised by Berlin Tidbits at Berlin food week, where I offered five packs of Candied Quince and five jars of the Green Tomato Jam and came back with all of these goodies. The Food Xchange usually takes place at Markthalle IX and I’ll definitely be going there again.


On the Sunday we went back to the Food Week and watched the guys from BioLüske carve a pig from head to tail. When I was little my mother always said if they didn’t know what to do with me they’d sell me to the Butchers’ because I was fascinated when we went to buy meat – the visuals, the food, the variety, the pink packaging, the sawdust on the floor, the drawings of large animals segmented into dotted lines to show the cuts, the over-sized utensils and meathooks, big men in bloodied aprons – I was intrigued by the feeling that all of this was larger than life – now I understand this was also true in a philosophical way. An odd mix.

So naturally I was in for a treat and we watched the carving of the pig for a while. The sausage-making also grabbed my attention; I’ve always wanted to make sausages you see, but lately I’ve been dreaming of making them out of vegetables. Not vegetarian sausages – I am a vegetarian as I have opted-out of the meat trade by choice – but I have no problem eating quality, respectful, local meat once in a while and using well-sourced local sausage casings or animal fat. I’m just not convinced by the cellulose options of casings and I’m not going to make concessions. The point is to make a delicious tasting vegetable-based sausage with integrity, not to be a purist. Anyways, thoughts for another day.

I then chose to eat a generous Arepa from Maria Maria Arepas had a glass of wine and wandered home thinking about my next mission: figuring out a way to source more local produce.



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